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Mon 03/28/22 19:50Attendance Check-in: Check-in
Mon 03/28/22 19:53Approve-Virtual: Approve the Use of Remote Technology
Mon 03/28/22 21:05STM1-2: Appropriate for Police Station Construction
Mon 03/28/22 21:11STM1-3: Authorize and Ratify Remote Town Meetings
Mon 03/28/22 21:33ATM-3: Appointments to Cary Lecture Series
Mon 03/28/22 21:40ATM-5: Appropriate FY2023 Enterprise Funds Budgets
Mon 03/28/22 21:51ATM-9: Establish and Continue Departmental Revolving Funds
Wed 03/30/22 19:39Attendance Check-in: Check-in
Wed 03/30/22 20:28ATM-4: Appropriate FY2023 Operating Budget
Wed 03/30/22 21:05ATM-CA: Consent Agenda (Articles 6, 8, 10a, 10c, 10d, 10g, 10h, 10j, 10k 10l, 10m, 10n, 11, 12d, 12e, 12f, 12g, 12h, 12i, 12j, 12k, 12l, 12m, 12r, 12s, 12t, 13, 14, 15, 16a, 16b, 16c, 16d, 16e, 16f, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 29, 32, 33, 36, 40)
Wed 03/30/22 21:28ATM-10b: CPA - Wright Farm Barn Stabilization
Wed 03/30/22 22:13ATM-10e-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Wed 03/30/22 22:17ATM-10e: CPA - Center Playground Bathrooms and Maintenance Building Renovation
Wed 03/30/22 22:46ATM-10f-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Wed 03/30/22 22:48ATM-10f: CPA - Playground Improvements - Hard Court Surfaces
Wed 03/30/22 23:01ATM-10i: CPA - Lincoln Park Master Plan
Mon 04/04/22 19:35Attendance Check-in: Check-in
Mon 04/04/22 19:49ATM-7: Appropriate for Climate Action Plan
Mon 04/04/22 20:41ATM-12a-Amend-Daggett: Hartwell District Signage Limited to Area Safety
Mon 04/04/22 20:56ATM-12a: Hartwell District Signage (as Amended)
Mon 04/04/22 21:06ATM-12b: Townwide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan
Mon 04/04/22 21:15ATM-12c: South Lexington and Forbes-Marrett Traffic Mitigation Plans
Mon 04/04/22 21:52ATM-12n-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Mon 04/04/22 21:54ATM-12n: Battle Green Streetscape Improvements
Mon 04/04/22 22:06ATM-12o: Municipal Parking Lot Improvements
Mon 04/04/22 22:21ATM-12p: Public Parking Lot Improvement Program
Mon 04/04/22 22:32ATM-12q: New Sidewalk Design
Wed 04/06/22 19:35Attendance Check-in: Check-in
Wed 04/06/22 20:22ATM-27-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Wed 04/06/22 20:27ATM-27: Zero Waste Resolution (Citizen Petition)
Wed 04/06/22 20:56ATM-28-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Wed 04/06/22 20:59ATM-28: Humane Pet Store Bylaw (Citizen Petition)
Wed 04/06/22 21:28ATM-26-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Wed 04/06/22 21:31ATM-26: Appropriate for Nexus Studies (Citizen Petition)
Wed 04/06/22 21:40ATM-16g: High School Equipment Emergency Funds
Wed 04/06/22 22:02ATM-16h-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Wed 04/06/22 22:04ATM-16h: Town Pool Water Heater Replacement
Wed 04/06/22 22:10ATM-19: Establish, Amend, Dissolve and Appropriate to and from Specified Stabilization Funds
Wed 04/06/22 22:13ATM-21: Amend FY2022 Operating, Enterprise and CPA Budgets
Wed 04/06/22 22:22ATM-24: Adjust Retirement Cola Base for Retirees
Mon 04/11/22 19:35Attendance Check-in: Check-in
Mon 04/11/22 20:17STM2-2: Lexington High School Feasibility Study
Mon 04/11/22 20:50STM2-3-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Mon 04/11/22 20:54STM2-3: Amend ByLaw, Hybrid Town Meetings
Mon 04/11/22 21:02STM2-4: Appropriate to Complete Comprehensive Plan
Mon 04/11/22 21:33ATM-34: Allow for Select Board to Call Remote Town Meeting
Mon 04/11/22 22:11ATM-30: Amend Special Act - Planning Board and Town Meeting
Mon 04/11/22 22:18ATM-37: Amend Zoning Bylaw - Technical Corrections
Wed 04/13/22 19:34Attendance Check-in: Check-in
Wed 04/13/22 20:22ATM-38-Lay-on-Table:
Wed 04/13/22 20:42ATM-38: Amend Zoning Bylaw and Zoning Map - 128 Spring Street (Owner Petition)
Wed 04/13/22 21:05ATM-31-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Wed 04/13/22 21:12ATM-31: Amend General Bylaws - Reporting, Disclosing, And Assessing the Energy and Water Use of Large Buildings
Wed 04/13/22 22:25ATM-35-Amend-Creech: Require a Special Permit Instead of the Proposed Site Plan Review
Wed 04/13/22 22:38ATM-35-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Wed 04/13/22 22:56ATM-35-Terminate-Debate: Previous Question
Wed 04/13/22 22:59ATM-35: Amend Zoning Bylaw - Open Space Residential Developments
Wed 04/13/22 23:10ATM-10e-Reconsider-Lay-on-Table:
Mon 04/25/22 19:39Attendance Check-in: Check-in
Mon 04/25/22 20:17ATM-10e-Reconsider: CPA - Center Playground Bathrooms and Maintenance Building Renovation